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Diamond Select Toys New Solicitations.

Just today Diamond Select Toys revealed their latest solicitations of products which will be released later this summer. The stand-out items for me are the Dungeons and Dragons Mini Mates which look excellent and the final member of the Fantastic Four in Select figure form Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman!

The first lot of Mini-Mates are based on some of the villains from the 80’s animated series and I have to say these look fantastic, especially Grimsword. I’d be curious to see what accessories that they’ll come with once they are released.

I am really excited to see Sue Storm join the Fantastic Four in the Select Lineup which has all been revealed now. The Human Torch which had just come out some months ago and Reed Richards has also been revealed recently and now Sue Storm. Before The Human Torch was released they had re-released The Thing.

It looks like Sue Storm will come with some interesting interchangeable parts as we can see from the preview images she comes with interchangeable semi-translucent legs & arms! This is not something I would expect them to do and I would be very interested to see if she comes with other effects pieces. Having all four members in the Select line is awesome and they’ll look fantastic together on your display it’s great to see Diamond Select do more Marvel Select figures now. Also, her head sculpt looks fantastic and very beautiful.

The rest of the reveals are Vinimates and Statues which all look great for what they are but don’t interest me all that much. All these products should release sometime this summer at the end of June.

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