Diamond Select Toys Lord of The Rings Select Figures Wave 3 Figures Hitting Stores Now!

This week Diamond Select Toys have said that the third wave of the Lord of The Rings Select figures is available in US stores now. Many people myself included are very excited for this wave and I have had the Aragorn figure on pre-order since September/October last year and I’m hoping mine will arrive soon. What is a bit odd is that I have already seen reviews of Aragorn and the Moria Orc on YouTube from US-based channels so I reckon some of the distributors released them early.

From my impression of the figures and what I have seen of them, this looks to be the best wave yet. As both figures look great and have good articulation and come with some great accessories. Especially Aragorn as he originally was not meant to come with the Elven knife. It should be noted that these are the final two figures to complete the figure of Sauron which looks very impressive. I know that wave 4 consists of Gandalf The Grey and an Uruk Hai figure and I’m not too sure if there will be a build-a-figure from that wave onward as there are not many images of those figures yet.

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