Diamond Select Toys Lord of The Rings Samwise Gamgee & Saruman The White.

During SDCC, Diamond Select Toys had four of their upcoming Lord of The Rings Select figures in their booth display. The next two figures are Boromir and Lurtz which are due to be released soon and the following two figures are Samwise Gamgee & Saruman The White which they had revealed earlier this year in a video previewing some upcoming products. So for many people, this was a great chance to see them in hand.

Shortly after SDCC Sam and Saruman went up for pre-order in the US and they have taken a few weeks to go up for pre-order here in the UK. During SDCC we saw some of the figure’s accessories. Saruman comes with interchangeable-sleeved arms, his staff, and a Palantir with its pedestal. The detailing on the outfit is fantastic and the interchangeable sleeved arms is a great idea as it would ruin the sculpt if you had elbow articulation it would make the sleeves look funny like with the Ringwraith figure.

Sam comes with a lot of accessories too from what I could see from the pictures from the booth and the video he was first shown in you can see he comes with his sword & sheath, glowing version of Sting, backpack, and the seasoning from the Shire box which is a lovely little addition. By the look of Sam, I’m guessing it’s based on his appearance from ROTK with the fellowship cloak on with no jacket. I’m very impressed he comes with the fellowship cloak along with Boromir, Hopefully, we’ll see newer versions of Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and Frodo with the fellowship cloaks too.

I’m really excited to get both of these figures and the likenesses on them are great and look very close to their film counterparts. I am especially excited for Sam as he’s my favorite character in Lord of The Rings. I cannot wait for these to come out early next year as they are must-haves for me and many Lord of The Rings collectors.

By Samuel Demchy-Cooper

Samuel is from the UK. He is an avid film fan and critic and a very passionate action figure collector. Basically he's a bit of a nerd. He collects mostly NECA, Mcfarlane's The Walking Dead line, Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series, Marvel Legends and some Play Arts Kai. He would love to collect even more high end figures someday. He also does digital art, collect films on Blu-Ray, and is a voice artist.

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