Diamond Select Toys Lord of The Ring Series 1 up for pre-Order!

Diamond Select Toys Lord of The Rings Select Line launches later this year!

At Toy Fair Diamond Select Toys had a big surprise in store, they revealed that they have the license to Lord of The Rings and that they’ll be releasing a series of Select figures from the films.

The first wave consists of Legolas and Gimli and the second will have Aragon and a ringwraith and the third will include Frodo and a Moria Orc. The first six series of figures will include build-a-figure pieces to build an incredible looking Sauron figure!

I have to say I was incredibly impressed when I saw images of the figures as I’m a big fan of The Lord of the Rings and the Toybiz line which was fantastic and to this day some of those figures still hold up (Legolas in Rohan armor for example)

I’ve been hoping for a new line of affordable Lord of The Rings figures as the technology in toys is incredible and a line of Lord of The Rings would really benefit from that. I know that they were only prototypes at Toy Fair but they look incredible and I’m all in for this line and I hope we at least get all the members of the Fellowship. Though there’s plenty of potential and life in this line!

The first series is expected to be released in September and just yesterday DST put the first series up for pre-order and released some images of Legolas, Gimli and the 13″ BAF Sauron figure.

Here’s the official product description from Diamond Select Toys

Form the Fellowship! The epic new series of Lord of the Rings action figures begins with the original odd couple, the dwarf Gimli and the elf Legolas! Each 7-inch scale figure features 16 points of articulation, detailed sculpting and a full range of accessories. Each comes packaged in a full-color window box with hangtag, and each figure comes with a piece of Sauron – collect the whole line to build the 13-inch villain! Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios.

I know that in the images you don’t see many accessories for these figures but if you see the pics from Toy Fair Gimli comes with at least two axes and the Lothlorien cape. Legolas also comes with a Lothlorien cape, his bow, quiver, arrows, and daggers and if you look closely at the quiver you can see the sheaths for the daggers.

I’m definitely going to get these figures when they’ll be released later this year and hopefully, some of the UK retailers will put these up for pre-order soon. I know that these are available to pre-order in the US right now.

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