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Diamond Select Giveaway – 5000 Facebook Likes

Diamond Select is going to be giving away 6 items to celebrate reaching 5,000 fans on Facebook this week.

The items that you have a chance to win in the Diamond Select Giveaway are:

– A pair of Universal Monsters toy prototypes
– A rare SDCC-exclusive R2-R9 Star Wars vinyl bank
– An SDCC-exclusive set of Amazing Spider-Man Minimates, plus original artwork!
– A set of three B&W Munsters in test packaging
– An unpainted Femme Fatales prototype
– A set of four rare Battle Beasts promo Minimates

All you have to do to enter the Diamond Select giveaway is “like” the pictures and then send an email to collectdst@gmail.com. You can “like” as many of the pictures as you want but can only enter once per item and can only win one item overall.

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Diamond Select Giveaway

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