Defend the universe with Toynami’s new Voltron

The world of Voltron has seen a minor resurgence in the past few years with the new animated series Voltron Force airing on NickToons, and of course countless toy revisions, including an excellent subscription service by Matty Collector.  Here in 2014, the celebration of Voltron’s 30th Anniversary as an animated series has actually been somewhat quiet, but Toynami is officially turning up the volume.

According to their Facebook page, all of your favorite retailers will be offering a great Voltron Jumbo Lion Force Vinyl figure!  Standing at a whopping 24″ tall, this is one of the tallest Voltron collectibles you’ve ever seen, and captures the animated spirit perfectly.  The vinyl aesthetic suits Voltron surprisingly well, giving us a very colorful and dynamic robot with some great play features.  Not only that, but it is quite reminiscent of vintage Shogun Warriors, a design that is sure to appeal to many different collectors.

Straight from Facebook:

Your fave specialty stores now taking pre-orders for the Voltron Jumbo Lion Force Vinyl! Towering at a colossal 24″ tall, this ‪Voltron‬ ‪‎Jumbo, just like the classic giant robots you knew and loved from the 1970s, features spring-loaded firing fists and freewheeling rolling feet!

Check out some exciting images below.


By Nick Lenihan

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