DC Unlimited Injustice Green Lantern Figure From Mattel

RetailSlayer has posted an image on one of Mattel’s new figures, the DC Unlimited Injustice Green Lantern Figure. This guy stand about 6 inches tall and is expected to be hitting around the end of August. There is also going to be a DC Unlimited Injustice Gunmetal Batman Figure to go along with him.

By Nick Lenihan

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  1. Is mattel coming out with a DC Unlimited New 52 version of Green Lantern and Cyborg? They pretty much came out with most of the New 52 Justice League why not complete the whole team?

    1. I have not heard anything about those figures. Wave 3 appears to be a mix of the New 52 and Injustice figures, but wave 4 hasn't fully been announced.

      This is the breakdown of wave 3:
      1x Aquaman (New 52)
      1x Darkseid (New 52)
      2x Superman ( Injustice: Gods Among Us)
      2x Joker (Injustice: Gods Among Us)

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