DC Universe Classics All Stars New 52 Batman Action Figure Review

Here we have the last figure in this wave for review, the DC Universe Classics All Stars New 52 Batman Action Figure Review. We have already checked out Red Robin, Superman, and Superboy Prime. You can check out those reviews by following the links.


The packaging on this figure is the same as the other characters in this series. It is the standard DC Universe blister card packaging. On the back you can find the bio for Bruce Wayne as Batman and images of the whole wave 1 action figures.

Batman Out of the Box

Batman’s costume is based off of how DC Universe has relaunched their universe. He still looks like the godlike Batman, but there a few different differences.

  • His bat logo is sculpted on rather than painted.
  • He has some lines sculpted on his uniform, especially on his chest. There is also sculpting on the golves and boot areas.
  • I like the look of the cape on his shoulders, though it does affect his arm movements slightly.
His cape is made of the rigid plastic that is also on other DC characters. Over all this Batman looks pretty good. My Batman does have an extreme bobble on his head. The other characters in this wave also have that but this Batman figure has it pretty bad.



The articulation is pretty much the same standard of all the other DC Universe action figures. Ball joint shoulders, a cut in his biceps, single joint elbow and twisting wrists. He has a torso joint for crunch action, twist at the waist, hinges on his hips, twist in the thigh, single knee joint, and standard ankles.

As said earlier there is very slight limitations in his shoulder movement because of the cape covering his shoulder. It is not really too noticeable, though. His cape is also glued on and not removable.

I’m not too impressed with the paint job on most of the figures in this wave. The cape has blue tint on the inside.

Batman has no accessories but he does have the ability to hold onto things. He can hold onto Red Robins staff better than Red Robin himself. How does that work?

Ordering Options

UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

Click this link to: search eBay for this Batman action figure.

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