DC Primal Age Tie-In Comic

DC Primal Age Gets A One-Shot!

DC Collectibles have recently revealed that they have released a one-shot 100-page comic book to tie in with Funko’s DC Primal Age figures.

The 100-page one-shot is rooted in the sword and sorcery genre and creates a barbarian mythos behind the Funko action figures, presenting glimpses into the reimagined backstories and superpowers of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and other iconic DC characters.

Acclaimed comic book writer Marv Wolfman and artist Scott Koblish tell a 32-page main story featuring an epic battle between the Justice League and The Joker, which is followed by five short stories from fellow legendary comics creators Louise Simonson and Jerry Ordway with artists Phil Winslade, Brent Anderson, Chuck Patton, and Keith Pollard.

I should note that this comic book is exclusively available at Target along with the Funko DC Primal Age figures.

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