McFarlane Toys

DC Multiverse The Dark Knight Trilogy Scarecrow, Joker & Bane

Last week McFarlane Toys revealed all their figures from the upcoming The Dark Knight Trilogy Wave and now they have shown off all the figures and build-a-figure from that wave which is Bane. Overall I really do like the look of all these three figures, they all look to be impressive figures and the detail on each of them is absolutely outstanding!

The detailing and texture work on all their costumes look very impressive and very film accurate. I definitely cannot wait to get these. The detailing on Scarecrow’s sack-like straight jacket is incredible and I love how you can see his eyes behind the mask. The Joker has a very good likeness to the late Heath Ledger and the detailing on all the layers of his costume is outstanding as well. The Bane figure looks incredible as well and matches Tom Hardy’s physique from the film very well.

Like I said before, the only thing that lets some of these figures down is that they can’t come with firearms in Joker’s and Two-Face’s case who primarily use firearms in the film. Though I am sure McFarlane Toys would have a workaround with the McFarlane Toys Accessory Sets which come packed with guns for DC Multiverse figures. Hopefully, they’ll be able to ship to the UK.

I cannot wait for these figures to go up for pre-order, especially in the UK as I definitely want to get all of these! Also, I do wonder if they’ll do Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin in similar waves in the future.

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