DC Multiverse Red Son Superman Wave Up For Pre-order!

Just earlier this week McFarlane Toys has now put a new wave up for pre-order. They revealed this wave earlier this year and this wave includes Red Son Superman, Death Metal Batman, The Drowned, and Teen Titans Robin (Damian Wayne)

I have to say the releases have been getting better and better with the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse figures. It’s just a bit of a shame that we do get them a bit late here in the UK as I am never too sure when the actual figures will be released here in the UK. I have been looking forward to this wave for quite some time as I am a big fan of the Red Son Superman comic and I love the look of the Death Metal Batman and the Damian Wayne Robin figure. Those figures are the highlights of this wave for me.

These figures are scheduled to be released in February/March of next year and I’m guessing they’ll see an international release shortly afterward.

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