DC Multiverse Endless Winter Wave Up For Pre-Order.

Earlier this year McFarlane dropped a teaser for an upcoming DC Multiverse line called the Endless Winter wave. The wave consists of Batman, Green Lantern (Jon Stewart), Black Adam, and Wonder Woman. The build-a-figure is Frost King. I really do like the wintery look of Batman and Wonder Woman and it makes them look very unique. I really love the detail on her harness and the silver clasp on the braid which is a nice touch. I like that Green Lantern has got some extra accessories so you can give them to other lanterns.

Also, the build-a-figure is Frost King and like most of the build-a-figures that McFarlane has made in this line. I love the detailed look of his armor and the frosted tips at the bottom of the semi-translucent sword, horns, and icicles on the shoulders and arms.

These figures will be released in April of this year.

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