DC Multiverse Dark Nights Death Metal Darkfather BAF wave revealed!

Earlier this week McFarlane Toys revealed the DC Multiverse Dark Nights Death Metal Darkfather BAF wave. Like all the recent Dark Nights Death Metal figures I don’t know that much about the comic or the characters but I absolutely love the designs of the characters. The standout figures for me from this wave is Wonder Woman and Robin King they look incredible!

I really do dig the look of the Wonder Woman figure she looks absolutely fantastic and the Superman figure looks so McFarlane Toys and very 90’s I love it!

The BAF for this wave looks excellent which is Darkseid I believe that’s dressed as Batman and is called the Darkfather and he looks incredible and somewhat reminds me of the Dark Knight Returns Batman outfit but with bracers with spikes on.

Of all the Metal waves of figures that they have revealed so far, I believe that this one is the most heavy-metal-inspired one to date! Unfortunately here in the UK, the latest wave which includes the Infected Superman isn’t available here in the UK yet till sometime next month and this wave is expected in the Spring so I suppose we’ll be getting them around April of next year.

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