DC Comic Collection Batman ‘Gotham Knight’ Sixth Scale Figure Revealed by Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles have just recently revealed their latest DC Comic Collection Batman ‘Gotham Knight’ Sixth Scale Figure.

As you can guess this figure of Batman is based on his ‘Gotham Knight’ comic run, with the gray and black costume and the small symbol on his chest. I have to say that they have captured all the details perfectly in this one. I’ve never read any stories from this run but I really like the look of his costume.

Gotham Knight Batman comes with three interchangeable cowls and three interchangeable expressions. Each cowl is influenced by the different looks he had when wearing this outfit and each has different ear lengths. You get a long ear cowl, mid length ear cowl and short stubby ear cowl, so that you can choose your preferred cowl to display him with.

The facial expression options also really give you a choice of how you want to display him. I personally really like the fighting facial expression option. I should note that these expressions are also compatible with the first comics based Batman sixth scale figure, which Sideshow released some time ago.

He also comes with a grapple hook, grapple gun, batarangs, multiple interchangeable hands including a hand wearing a green kryptonite ring to call a certain ally in times of crisis.

If you’re a fan of Batman there’s no doubt about it – you need this figure. It looks amazing and a great representation of Batman. I just wish I had the money to get it myself.

The figure is currently expected to start shipping in October 2015, and if interested, you can pre-order the figure here for $199.99.

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By Nick Lenihan

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