DC Collectibles Reveal Bombshells Joker and Harley Quinn Action Figures

DC Collectibles Reveal More Designer Series Bombshells figures!

Last night DC Collectibles revealed solicitations for some brand new products that’ll be out next year. Amongst these new products were two more figures for their designer series. These two figures are from their bombshell line and they are Joker & Harley Quinn.

I’m not entirely familiar with the bombshells line but I do know the figures and statues that DC have produced are based on pieces of artwork. These pieces of artwork depict various DC female characters in 1940’s pinup stylization.

Harley Quinn is dressed like a nurse and Joker is dressed like a sailor. I haven’t seen the artwork by Ant Lucia before today, and I have to say these look very faithful to their art counterparts. I really do love the look of these and I love how they’ve implemented their traditional colors into their outfits.

Accessory wise we know that Harley Quinn comes with an interchangeable head. So she has a smiling head & and a kissing head so you can recreate their embrace pose from the artwork. It’s unclear what else they’ll come with anything else at this time.

I have to sat these will be fun and fantastic additions to any fans collection. These figures are expected to hit store shelves next June.

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