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DC Collectibles Reveal Batman vs TMNT Gamestop Exclusive Two-Packs

DC Collectibles reveal a brand new line of figures based on their latest animated film!

As you may know sometime ago DC Collectibles revealed their SDCC Exclusive figure of Mikey dressed up as Batman, well that was just the start as DC Collectibles have revealed the complete wave of figures to tie into film.

Pre-orders are now live for a number of Batman vs TMNT 2-Packs, which have been revealed by DC Collectibles. The new figures are based on the latest DC Comics animated film, which brings together the Heroes In A Half Shell and The Dark Knight to face off against their combined foes. The sets are listed as GameStop Exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Each set is priced at $49.99. The sets release between September and December of this year! You can by the packs individually, or as a bundle for $249.99. You can pre-order the sets by Clicking Here. Check out some info below, and the images after the jump.

Thrilled to announce our Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure line. Each 2-pack comes with a variety of accessories and hit’s stores beginning in September of 2019! Sold exclusively at GameStop! MSRP: $49.99

Batman and Leonardo – In Store September 2019
Robin and Raphael – In Store September 2019
Batgirl and Donatello – In Store October 2019
Alfred and Michelangelo – In Store November 2019
Ra’s Al Ghul and Shredder – In Store December 2019

I have to say these look absolutely fantastic especially the DC figures and I love that they come with so many accessories. I haven’t even seen the film yet and I would love to get these and I know if I saw the film I would want them more so.

Unfortunately, as I live in the UK it’s unlikely we’ll get these in the UK, though one can hope. Miracles have happened. These figures look fantastic and will be released in the summer/fall of this year.

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