DC Collectibles’ New 52 Hawkman Action Figure will be Released Solo

You know those times when you come up with a really good idea and it just never happens for whatever reason? Well, that’s kind of the case for DC Collectibles’ New 52 Hawkman action figure that will be arriving in November 2014.

DC Collectibles originally planned to make a JLA 7-pack featuring Hawkman, but that never came to fruition, so DC Collectibles has just decided to release Hawkman as a solo figure.

Hawkman looks pretty great now, but that didn’t come without some major headaches in the development process. DCC has released an “Evolution of the Hawkman Action Figure” infographic that really shows what happened since they began development in 2011.

The good news is that we are finally going to see a DC Collectibles New 52 Hawkman by this November! Check out the new image below!


via DCC

By Nick Lenihan

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