DC Collectibles Li’l Gotham Harley Quinn Review

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DC Collectibles line of figures based on Dustin Nguyen’s Li’l Gotham continues with this week’s release of everyone’s favorite Princess of Mischief, Harley Quinn.

Word of warning…if you picked up the Batman figure from the Li’l Gotham line, you might be a li’l disappointed.  Whereas Batman is a solid, stocky figure, Harley is decidedly not so much.  You really gotta be careful with her.  She’s pretty fragile.   I almost broke off one of the pom-poms on her jester hat thinking it might be articulate (spoiler alert:  it’s not).

The packaging, like most packaging, is a li’l misleading, too.  You can see that she’s small, but it’s not until you free her that you realize just how tiny she is.  Because of her diminutive stature, Harley doesn’t stand to well, either.  Her head makes her li’l top heavy.  This is definitely one of those figures that I wish came with a stand.

I guess since I’m complaining…Harley’s supposed to hold the included Joker doll.  Her left hand is opened enough to hold the doll and I’ve seen shots of her doing so, too.  But, I just couldn’t get her to hold the doll.  At least, not without some outside help.

All that negativity being said… for being so tiny, Harley is fairly articulate.  Her arms move at the shoulders, her hands move, and her head and legs turn.  She also comes with the already mentioned Joker doll, trademark oversized mallet and one of her pet hyenas (either Bud or Lou. you make the call).

So…what should you do?  I know it seems I was being a bit of a downer on Harley, here.  But, I’m just laying it all out there for you.  Truth is, I really like the figure.  She’s colorful, she comes with a nice amount of accessories, and…it’s Harley.  How can you not love her?  And…if you’re a fan of Nguyen’s Li’l Gotham, you’d doubly be silly not to pick her up.

UPDATE: This figure is sold out at most retailers, but you can always search around on eBay for this Li’l Gotham Harley Quinn figure.





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  1. The figure DOES come with a stand — it’s taped to the bottom of the bubble.

    Biggest issue for me is the color of her face – in the Li’l Gotham comic and on the prototype her face was a pale flesh tone, not straight up white like the final figure.

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