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Ripped from the pages of Justice League Dark, DC Collectibles has conjured up DC Comic’s resident sorceresses, Zatanna!

Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Murphy Anderson back in 1964, Zatanna Zatara’s (yup.  That’s actually her last name) first appearance was in comic book form was in the pages of Hawkman #4.  To this day, Zatanna is still one of the most under-utilized female characters in the DCU.  Yea…she’s one of the main characters in the New 52’s Justice League Dark (which, by the way, is the figure line that she’s associated with), and occasionally pop-ups in other books, Zatanna just doesn’t get the push that she rightfully deserves.

But…we’re here to talk about the figure, so enough of the history lesson.

With its track record  being a bit up or down lately, DC Collectibles did justice (get it?!?  justice league dark?!?!?  Justice?!?!  No?!?!? ) to Zatanna this time around.   She’s got a nice face sculpt, especially when compared to her fellow Justice League Dark figure, Constantine.  Not that there’s anything wrong with Constantine’s face sculpt, per se…it just doesn’t look like him.  Or, rather, it’s an even more stylized version of the character.  Borderline, manga-esque?

Although I much prefer Zatanna’s pre-New 52 stage-show duds, this is still a pretty decent look for her.  At least she still sporting her classic fishnet stockings.  Can’t ever go wrong with fishnet stockings.

Zatanna’s got all the articulation that DC Collectibles typically crams into their figures.  Her legs even rotate at the top of her

boots, which makes posing her a bit easier.  Because of the hair sculpt, her head doesn’t turn that well, but…it’s a trade-off for such good looking hair.

The downside?  Well…her trademark top hat is missing.  How can you have Zatanna and not have a top hat?!?!  And much like Super-Woman figure from DC Collectibles’ Crime Syndicate line, Zatanna is a little bit hard to pose because of the heeled boots.  A base would’ve been nice, but…what are you gonna do?

So…what should you do?  No brainer here.  Get her.  She retails for $24.99 and is available now at your local comic book shop.

UPDATE: This figure is no longer available at many retailers.  However, you can still find her for purchase on Entertainment Earth, you can pick her up at Amazon, she’s still in stock at Big Bad Toy Store, and you can always scooch on over to eBay and see if you can conjure up a sweet deal on this DC Collectibles Dark Zatanna action figure.




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