DC Collectibles Designercon Exclusives

DC Collectibles show off snazzy exclusives for Designercon!

DC Collectibles will be attending Designercon later this month which is on from the 16th-18th of November in California.

Like many companies, they’ll have their fair share of exclusive items available at the convention. At the convention they’ll be selling:

  • DesignerCon Exclusive: DC Artists Alley Nightwing Eclipse Variant Designer Vinyl 6.75″ figure (MSRP: $100.00) – Limited to 200 pieces
  • Clutter Double Cast Batman 7″ figure (MSRP: $195.00) – Only 30 pieces will be sold at the show; Features glow-in-the-dark skeleton
  • Limited-Edition Art Prints designed by Chrissie Zullo and Joe Ledbetter (MSRP: $40.00 each) – Limited to 50 prints per design
  • Limited-Edition Enamel Pins (MSRP: $10.00 each) – Limited to 50 pins per design

I have to say I really like the stylized statues of Nightwing and Batman. Especially the Batman as he has a glow in the dark X-ray which makes it really pop. Also, the Nightwing will come with a custom piece of art, in a similar style to Nooligan’s Nightwing statue.

I should note that  Batgirl art piece is done by Chrissie Zullo and the anthropomorphic Batman one is done by Joe Ledbetter.

Also at the show, they’ll be unveiling a new series of DC Artists Gallery figures at the show by an unannounced artist which is very exciting news.  All in all, these are fantastic pieces and are must have if your a fan of the brand and the characters.

When the new figures will be unveiled you can be sure we’ll talk about them!



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