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What could be DC Collectibles piece de resistance for 2014 has hit the shelves this week.  DC Comics Designer Series, Greg Capullo inspired Thrasher Suit Batman.  I know I keep saying that this figure is the best of the line, or that figure is, but this time?  Your friendly neighborhood jman totally means it.  Thrasher Suit Batman is the DC Collectibles figure for 2014.

Debuting in Scott Synder and Greg Capullo’s Court of Owls story arc in the pages of Batman, the Thrasher Suit made it’s first comic book appearance at the end of issue #8.  The toy gods smiled kindly upon all of us, because the figure was on display at DC Collectibles showroom at Toy Fair 2014, all the way back in February of this year.

It’s been a long, long wait for this figure.  But, believe me…it’s been totally worth it.

Thrasher Suit Batman is one hefty piece of plastic.  It feels as solid as DC Collectibles Darkseid figure, although not nearly as big in size.  Top to bottom, the sculpt on this figure is spot on.  The attention to detail is, well, awesome.  The utility belt.  The armor plating.  It’s all well done.  But, what impressed me the most about the sculpt of the figure?  The spinal column.  Check it out.  You can see each individual vertebrae.

Another nice touch?  How the sculptors at DC Collectibles worked the armor look into the articulation.  The joint between the upper and lower arms look like gears, same with the upper and lower legs.  The pins holding the joints together look like rivets.  Clever.

The paint applications make the armor stand out even more.  The different colors and textures really give the armor a real, iron forged look.  You almost expect it to feel like metal when you pick it up.

And for such a big, solid figure, Thrasher Suit Batman is fairly articulate.  His head turns.  Arms move and rotate.  The torso twists in two different places.  But, the most impressive part?  The fingers.  Not only are the individual fingers articulate, but so are the individual knuckles on each finger.  It’s true what they say…it’s the small things that count.

The downside?

The head sculpt.  The head sculpt isn’t quite right for the figure.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not horrible.  I’ve seen worse (I’m looking at you Earth 2 Superman).  I think Bruce looks too “pretty”.  Maybe they should’ve given him more of a battle damaged look, or not so put-together look.  Like I said, it’s not horrible.  Besides, he does come with a helmet.  Worst case scenario?  Leave the helmet on.  It’s far cooler that way, besides.

Then there’s the price tag.  It’s as hefty as the figure is.  Thrasher Suit Batman retails for $39.99. Not cheap.  Not as expensive as the fore-mentioned Darkseid, but expensive enough to make you think twice about pulling the trigger.

So.  What should you do?  If you have the money, it’s a no-brainer.  Get it.

UPDATE: If you’re interested in grabbing this figure, he’s available on Amazon, he’s still hanging out at Big Bad Toy Store, and, of course, you get yourself on over to eBay and search around for this Batman Thrasher Suit action figure.





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  1. Just purchased this. While this is an amazing figure to be sure there are some flaws to point out. Several of the finger joints on the figure were severely stuck and required careful work to actually make them flexible. Also the helmet does not stay on very well any slight movement of the figure has caused the helmet to just fall off. But other than those minor details, I love this guy, 4.5/5

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