DC Collectibles DC Comics Designer Series Mr. Freeze Review

DC Collectibles Mr. Freeze action figure

Over the last few weeks, DC Collectibles have been trickling out to comic shops their new line of Greg Capullo inspired DC Comics Designer figures. Hitting store pegs this week, alongside Catwoman, is Victor Fries, himself…Mr. Freeze.

Whether you care for the changes to Freeze’s origins in DC Comic’s New 52 (which I can’t say I’m all that crazy about), was it really necessary to have Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze no longer married to Nora Fields? Having them no longer married, kinda takes away Freeze’s humanity, a bit. Well…totally, actually. Cause now he’s pretty much just obsessed with Nora. Which changes his character from a husband motivated by the pain from the loss of Nora to…a psychopath. But, all of this is pretty much an article for another day) shouldn’t matter much to you here. Because this is one righteously awesome figure. Top to bottom, awesomely righteous, even.

Once again, it’s DC Collectibles attention to detail that makes this one helluva figure. Look at the miserable scowl on his face. The goggles, too, just add to the menacing look on him. Check out the texture on his overalls. But, one of my favorite touches? The way the tip of his boots point up. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because the sculptors Matthew Brouillard and Jonathan Matthews took the time to point them up. Who knows. It’s just cool.

Then there’s the paint applications. From the blue tint of his skin to the aged/beatup look of his containment system, it’s all spot on. Freeze also comes packed with a freeze ray (and how could he not? He’s Mr. Freeze) and containment helmet.

Because I don’t want to appear to be too much of a Stepford to DC Collectibles here, I gotta find something to criticize. So, for sake of trying to sound legit, the articulation on his head is just ok. It doesn’t turn all that well. Can’t get much beyond a quarter turn in either direction. But, that by no means should stop you from picking up this figure.

So. What should you do? Pick up the figure. Seriously. Like, tomorrow, even. Hear me now, and believe me later. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

The DC Collectibles Mr. Freeze is available at your local comic shop and retails for $24.99.

UPDATE: This figure is sold out at a lot of retailers, but he’s still pretty widely available online.  You can find the designer line Mr. Freeze at Entertainment Earth, you can find him on Amazon, he’s over at Big Bad Toy Store, and you can always head on over to eBay to sniff out a sweet deal on a Mr. Freeze designer’s line action figure.




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  1. Picked this up last week. Great sculpt and paint work. My only gripe is that one of my biceps seems to be almost fused and the ankles are a little weak. These are known issues with DCC.

    That said, it’s a nice representation of the character and I enjoy the removable helmet aspect. I’m looking forward to the Thrasher Armor Batman coming out soon.

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