DC Collectibles Artist Alley Sho Murase Statues Review

These Sho Murase Statues Really Pop!

DC Collectibles latest wave of DC Artists Alley designer figures feature Sho Murase’s stunning new takes on your favorite Gotham City Sirens. In this series, Murase presents her exaggerated designs of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman in a striking palette of red, white and black.

Murase is a San Francisco-based artist but grew up in Barcelona, Spain. This mix of cultures is often reflected in her work, which has been described as a merging of western European art influences with Asian influences as manga and Sumi-e.

Sculpted to life in the 6.75″ scale by Sam Greenwell and Jack Matthews, fans can pick up Murase’s unique re-imaginings of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman now for $40 at select retailers. Murase’s Batgirl figure will be released by mid-December alongside additional DC Artists Alley chase figures from artists HaiNaNu “Nooligan” Saulque and Chris Uminga.

I should say that I was sent the standard Poison Ivy, Iradecent Harley Quinn, and Clear Cast Sparkle Variant Catwoman.


Each of the statues come in a box with artwork by Murase on the top of the packaging and on the front there’s an image of the figure, though in Poison Ivy’s case an image of her by Murase. On the back of the packaging, you have an image of the statue and details on the standard and holiday variants that are available.

Also printed on the packaging is the DC Collectibles logo celebrating 20 years of DC Collectibles. On the spines, there are images of the three statues in the style and Murase artwork on the other.

The statues are held in clear plastic trays and inside each of the boxes, there’s an art card packed inside of the character by Murase.


The sculpts for these statues are incredible, though I have to say my favorite of the three is Poison Ivy. But that’s not to lessen my love for the other two as they are terrific. All the statues are of a similar height and you can tell who the statues are meant to represent immediately.

The details are really fantastic at the three. The pose that they have Harley Quinn is perfect it suits her to a tee with the sly look to the side and holding the mallet in a relaxed pose, though you know she’ll be causing trouble. I love the sleek look to the Catwoman, her costume has a real retro look to it which I really do love, it really does look excellent. The sculpt is very natural as she looks really relaxed and calm.

What I really love about Poison Ivy statue is because it’s the most visually interesting of the three and that’s due to her pose and that she’s sitting on her vines, she got leaves all in her hair and over her costume. The leaves are sculpted very well and I love the wavy look to her hair.

The faces on all three statues are fantastic and they give off a classic pin-up vibe for some reason which I really like.


The paint on these statues is excellent and very clean and gives these statues their unique look. As I mentioned earlier the Harley Quinn is Iridescent so she is a shimmery pink color. Her mallet is cast in the same color as the rest of her. I really loved taking photos of her. The paint really makes her look sleek and smooth and the iridescent paint suits Harley very well.

I really like the paint on the clear cast sparkle variant as she really does sparkle! and you can see a lot more of the details in the statue, due to the use of purple and white which works really well. Especially on her face. I didn’t realize until I took photos of her that she has white sparkles in her eyes to look like they are the whites of her eyes. It’s a lovely added touch

The paint on the standard Poison Ivy is absolutely fantastic! The mix of red, white and black looks fantastic. It really does look elegant and the color variation of the leaves from black on her legs to white on her outfit and hair is great. The mix of red and black on her hair looks brilliant. The little bits of white on her vines & snapping plants on the vine and the streaks are a lovely added touch.

It should be noted that their limited edition numbers are written on the underside of their bases

Overall I have no problems with the paint on any of these statues, they are very clean and really do stand out on the shelf.


I have to say overall that these statues are absolutely splendid & stunning pieces. I would highly recommend all three variants that as they all look unique in their own special way and they look incredible on display (I want to get more of them now!). They are packaged very well and I had no problems removing them from packaging nor putting them back.

They are all very sturdy and made to a very high quality. Which is great for the value of $40 which they are very much worth hunting down for the price. Highly recommended.






Final Thoughts

Overall Score 5

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