DC Collectibles Articulation Breakdown for DC Comics Icons Line

DC Collectibles anatomy 1

In response to an open invitation for fans’ questions, DC Collectibles released an awesome image of what exactly their figures are made of.  And, not surprisingly, sugar and spice it isn’t.

Seriously, though, according to the site, the most asked question from fans was:  “How many points of articulation will be included in the new DC Comics Icons Action Figure line”

And in response?  DC Collectibles released this cool image of the exact breakdown (or makeup) of the new line of figures.  Check it out:

By Nick Lenihan

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  1. Will these be replacing DCUC in most collections?

    I’d say yes as long as the QC is better than what it has been with DCC figures. I would like to know why they use clear pegs? It seems most of the breaks I’ve endured with their figures are at clear peg points.

    I was already planning on thinning out my DCUC collection.

    1. From the looks of it, I would say yes. The DCUC line is now dead and the next closest thing looks to be this. It would be smart of DCC to do this too because then they are in full control and don’t have to rely on another company (i.e. Mattel) to deliver.

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