DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom Spade 2 Sixth Scale Figure Review

There were some good new toy lines that got their launch in 2013, and then there were some bad. Today we are going to be taking a look at the 2nd figure in this new series from 2013, Gangster’s Kingdom.

I have actually had the DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom Spade 2 figure since I moved earlier this year, but with all the moving commotion I completely forgot about him until Spade 3 arrived the other day.

The Gangster’s Kingdom 12 inch figure line is really unique from other toys.

DAM Toys is taking famous actors/ stars and making them look animated with the sculpting. They are then using their paint and shading to make the sculpts look a little bit realistic.

A nice departure from the plain black box that Spade J had, the Spade 2 1/6 scale figure comes in a colored box that is very similar to what a Hot Toys DX figure would have. It is magnetic on one side, then opens up like a book to reveal the figure encased in foam.

The sculpt on the Spade 2 figure without a doubt looks like actor Vinnie Jones. Obviously he looks a little bit cartoonish (the goal of the line), but I’m sure it’s something that big time Vinnie Jones fans can appreciate. Vinnie’s face then features some fantastic paint shading and detail to make the sculpt look slightly realistic.

The Spade 2 12 inch figure comes in a really nicely tailored outfit as well. You can remove the jacket if you just want him in his hoodie, or you can even remove the hoodie (not pictured) if you just want him to have a black t-shirt.

He comes with a bunch of ‘gangster’ type accessories, including: a gold watch, 1 interchangeable hand, a REM870 shotgun (with shells), a metal baseball bat (with blood splatter), glasses, a gold necklace, and a flask set.


Overall I didn’t really find anything to pick on about this figure. He comes with great accessories, has a really nice outfit, and the paint and sculpt are top-notch. The figure is very affordable as well, setting you back just over $100 for a sixth scale figure. Amazing.



If you are interested in buying the DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom Spade 2 sixth scale figure then your best bet is to probably check out what eBay has to offer. Most normal online retailers are long sold out of this figure. Click this link to jump onto eBay and search around for this Dam Toys Spade 2 action figure.








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