Customizable Halo Statues Are Coming, Here’s the Master Chief ARTFX+ Statue To Get Started

Yesterday, Kotobukiya announced the first of their Halo ARTFX+ armor sets, which is going to allow you to easily customize the look of their upcoming Master Chief ARTFX+ statue.

This new Master Chief statue was crafted in the standard ARTFX+ 1/10th scale and captures John-117’s iconic green and gray armor with gold visor and assault rifle from the most recent Halo 4.

Kotobukiya has done Master Chief in the past, but this new and improved version adds several new innovations to the ARTFX+ format. He features an internal body and removable armor design; all of the outer pieces slide and/or snap into place over the techsuit body. He also has limited articulation, allowing for more posing options than the standard ARTFX+ statues.

Master Chief is going to be available in October 2015, which is going to be right around the time when Koto is going to be making their armor sets available as well.

They are going to have two armor sets to start off with – the Mark V Armor or the Mjolnir Mark VI Armor. These armor sets both come with interchangeable armor pieces that you can attach onto the Master Chief statue. The company has developed a slide and snap system to make swapping pieces out as seamless as possible.

Kotobukiya makes the pieces and now you can assemble it just how you want it! The statue and each of the armor sets are sold separately.

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