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Commander Shepard Figure – Premium Format

The exclusive Commander Shepard figure has been announced that it will be available for pre order in the Sideshow newsletter on Thursday, August 9th, 2012. You can expect that the article will be published around 2PM and 3PM PST.

The exclusive Mass Effect 3 Commander Shepard figure (premium format) will be included with an additional helmeted head for alternate display. The premium format exclusive Commander Shepherd figure is going to retail for $349.99, while the regular edition (without extra helmeted head) is also going to be $349.99. So obviously we know what the better deal is. Don’t miss your chance to secure this figure for your collection. Just be sure to log into your newsletter account on August 9th around 2PM.

View the Mass Effect 3 Commander Shepard Figure Gallery:

This figure looks exceptional. This is the kind of work that we expect to see from the folks a Sideshow.

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