Iron Man Calls This Look “Blue Steel”

Comicave Studios Iron Man Blue Steel action figure

Maybe Ben Still Can Take Over After Rober Downey Jr is Done as Iron Man

Comicave Studios, makers of the amazing Captain America tribute statue in Prospect Park and massive 1/4 scale Hulkbuster suit, also occasionally work in smaller sizes.  Such is the case with their upcoming case with the Iron Man Mark XXX (not “suit”able for children) Blue Steel Armor action figure. However, like its massive counterparts, the Blue Steel Iron Man action figure bears the same level of commitment to quality.

Details on the Comicave Studios Blue Steel Iron Man Action Figure

How Tall Will the Figure Be?

The figure is being done in 1/12 scale, and will be an estimated 6 inches (15.3 cm) tall.

How Much Does the Figure Weigh?

The figure, made primarily (75%) of die-cast metal weighs roughly .31 pounds (140 g).

How Articulated Is the Figure?

The figure features over 20 points of articulation. This includes:

  • Ball-jointed neck, shoulders, and shoulder pads.
  • Double-jointed elbows and knees.
  • Double-jointed body, bendable at upper torso.
  • Ball-jointed wrist and groin.
  • Ball-jointed ankles with bendable boot front.
  • Extendable joints at shoulders, waist, thighs, and ankles.
What Accessories and Features Will the Figure Come With?

The figure comes with four pairs of interchangeable hands, including:

  • 1 pair of fists.
  • 1 pair of fists with gauntlet blades.
  • 1 pair of relaxed hands.
  • 1 pair of repulsor mode hands.

The figure also has a pair of repulsor mode blast effects for both the hands and the feet. Finally, the figure contains LED light features in the chest and eyes.


Where Can I Purchase a Figure, and How Much Are They?

Currently, the figure can be found for pre-order on Big Bad Toy Store, at a price of $129.99. Additional retailers should be picking up the figure for pre-order soon.

When Will the Figure Be Available?

Right now, the Comicave Blue Steel Iron Man action figure is scheduled for release next month, in September. Which is a nice break from the often more than year long wait for many of the great figures coming out.

Photos of the Comicave Studios Blue Steel Iron Man Action Figure



By Anders Clark

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