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Comic Shop Recommendations: Comics, Games, and Coffee

Address: Unit 36 The Brooks Shopping Center, Winchester SO23,8QY

Opening Times: Monday-Thursday 10:00-18:00, Friday 10:00-21:00, Saturday 10:00-18:00 and Sunday 10:00-18:00

I have been to Winchester a number of times and I have only noticed on the last few visits that I have made there that there is a store called Comics, Games, and Coffee. It’s at the entrance, up the stairs to the small shopping center. I have visited the store in the past and they only had a small collection of figures, but on this occasion, I know there was a lot more this time!

I should note that this store is not primarily an action figure store it’s primarily a comic book/graphic store that sells a lot of board games alike to Risk, Warhammer, and Dungeons and Dragons. They had a large array of funko pops and to my surprise a lot of Hasbro Marvel Legends and Black Series figures. Both old and new and some I haven’t seen on store shelves before like the Black Widow Red Guardian and Melina two-pack.

They also had the Thor Ragnarok Heimdall which I had never seen in store either. Then again we don’t have that many stores here in the UK that sells Marvel Legends. They also sold some McFarlane toys figures which are great to see and I was really surprised to see that they sold Diamond Select Toys products as well, including ones that are very hard to get here in the UK which is the Immortal (Rampaging) Hulk and The Iron Giant. I was so tempted to get them as they are incredibly hard to get hold of here in the UK and they were only £30! So the figures here are very affordable!

The staff here were very friendly, welcoming, and helpful. The store was very presentable and full of a wide array of products. The store was very spacious and was well organized. Before writing this review I didn’t know there is also a store in Chichester so I’ll definitely have to check that one too!

I would highly recommend this store if you hadn’t been here before and if you have I highly recommend you visit here again.

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