Classic Star Trek beams into ReAction line-up from Funko

Ahead of Toy Fair 2015, Funko revealed via their Facebook page that the officers of the USS Enterprise will join the retro ReAction action figure line.

The ReAction line is built on classic properties such as Back to the Future, Alien and The Goonies. The figures are produced a 3.75″ scale and the design and packaging are a throwback to Kenner’s Star Wars line.

This will be a return to the 3.75″ scale for Star Trek. Mego produced the Star Trek: The Motion Picture line at this scale, as did ERTL for their Star Trek III line and Galoob for the initial Star Trek The Next Generation figures. Playmates created 6″, 9″ and 12″ figures when they took over the franchise in the early 90’s and other licensors followed suit.

Spock, Uhura, Sulu and Dr. McCoy were shown as part of the first wave but one imagines that Captain Kirk will join ReAction’s voyage into the final frontier.

By Nick Lenihan

Nick is toy fan, geek, and action figure collector. When not geeking out about action figures and keeping up with the latest Toy News, he likes to pretend to play guitar. He's just another one of those pop culture fanatics that likes to share his passion with the world.

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