NECA Flash Gordon 1980 Ultimate Figures.

A big surprise reveal yesterday evening which was completely unexpected was NECA doing ultimate figures from the 1980 Flash Gordon. As NECA has said that they couldn’t get the license in the past. Images for these just dropped last night and they are on show at SDCC now and are up for pre-order already in… Continue reading NECA Flash Gordon 1980 Ultimate Figures.

NECA TMNT Movie SDCC Exclusive Teasers

This past week NECA has dropped some SDCC Exclusive Teasers for their TMNT Movie figures. The first was Keno with his pizza moped. The other reveal was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III teaser of the four turtles in their Samurai get-ups. The Keno figure has been teased for months and I know many fans… Continue reading NECA TMNT Movie SDCC Exclusive Teasers

New Hiya Toys Reveals

Earlier this week Hiya Toys revealed two figures this week, the first reveal was a teaser for Rambo Part II 6″ John Rambo which looked fantastic and the second was the reveal of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 4″ figure. The Rambo Part II teaser looks great and I expect we’ll get a full reveal… Continue reading New Hiya Toys Reveals

McFarlane Toys The Flash Products

Earlier this week McFarlane Toys revealed their lineup for The Flash movie which will be coming out in a few short months. McFarlane Toys revealed, statues, Multiverse figures, and some vehicles. I know some fans have been looking forward to this for some time. Here’s a lineup of the reveals: As you can see they… Continue reading McFarlane Toys The Flash Products

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse, The Return of Movie Maniacs & Spawn Reveals.

Last week McFarlane Toys held a Winter Showcase and revealed a host of new products from some of their biggest licenses. On the first day, they revealed their revival of the Movie Maniacs brand which isn’t exactly the same as the old line which mainly focused on horror and sci-fi characters. McFarlane has said that… Continue reading McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse, The Return of Movie Maniacs & Spawn Reveals.

McFarlane Toys Avatar Lines!

During Disney D23 McFarlane Toys was there and Todd himself showcased a lot of the products from their various Avatar lines which there were three: a collectors line, a kid-friendly line, and a miniatures line. We really didn’t see Micro Machines-esque lines for a while and it’s nice that they are making a resurgence with… Continue reading McFarlane Toys Avatar Lines!

Mezco ToyFair 2022 Reveals

Like many toy companies, Mezco had held an online event revealing some new products from their biggest toy lines. Here’s a breakdown of their reveals: Friday MDS Roto Plush Creepshow Creep 5 Point Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head & Nurse One:12 The Batman: Batman One:12 Snake Eyes Saturday Static 6 Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid… Continue reading Mezco ToyFair 2022 Reveals

Hasbro Acquires Indiana Jones License

Fortune and glory kid, fortune and glory. Just yesterday Hasbro has announced that has acquired the license to Indiana Jones during the announcement they have extended their master license to Star Wars. The figure line will launch in 2023 to coincide with the release of the upcoming film. As you can imagine I am very… Continue reading Hasbro Acquires Indiana Jones License

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