Mezco One:12 The Batman Pre-Order

On Wednesday Mezco has put the One:12 Batman up for pre-order. He’s not exclusive to Mezco which is great. I personally think the figure looks fantastic and the likeness to Robert Pattison is very good for this scale. The suit looks great, I love all the little details on it. It looks just as good… Continue reading Mezco One:12 The Batman Pre-Order

Mezco One:12 G.I. Joe Snake Eyes

During Toy Fair Mezco revealed two more G.I. Joe figures which were Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. Mezco has now put Snake Eyes up for pre-order and showed off the gallery for him and he looks fantastic! This look is definitely inspired by the classic look for Snake Eyes and a combination of the Commando… Continue reading Mezco One:12 G.I. Joe Snake Eyes

Mezco ToyFair 2022 Reveals

Like many toy companies, Mezco had held an online event revealing some new products from their biggest toy lines. Here’s a breakdown of their reveals: Friday MDS Roto Plush Creepshow Creep 5 Point Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head & Nurse One:12 The Batman: Batman One:12 Snake Eyes Saturday Static 6 Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid… Continue reading Mezco ToyFair 2022 Reveals

Mezco Con 2021 Reveals

Over this past weekend, Mezco held their online Mezco Con event and had a number of reveals from their biggest lines including One:12, MDS, and 5 Points. It’s great to see the 5 points line expanding with more Gozilla figures and a big surprise was the 5 Points Mezco Monster Boxed Set which is a… Continue reading Mezco Con 2021 Reveals

Mezco One:12 Captain Nemo Reveal!

Just yesterday Mezco fully revealed their upcoming Captain Nemo One:12 figure. Over a decade ago Mezco released a Captain Nemo playset which was more of a stylized action figure with a fantastic playset and a lot of accessories. Now Mezco has given that character a One:12 makeover and I have to this figure looks incredible.… Continue reading Mezco One:12 Captain Nemo Reveal!

Mezco Con Summer 2021 Reveals

At the end of last week Mezco held their SDCC event which is called Mezco Con and during this event, they revealed a number of products which were mostly teasers for upcoming products. Here’s a list of their reveals: #0 – High Roller Exclusive Bundle#1 – Living Dead Dolls Halloween III Box Set#2 – One:12… Continue reading Mezco Con Summer 2021 Reveals

Mezco One:12 Fantastic Four One:12 Collective Box Set

Earlier this week Mezco revealed the Fantastic Four One:12 figures and as expected they are released in a massive box set. Regardless of the price I have to say these are fantastic-looking figures and they all come packed with loads of accessories. I really love the classic look of these figures the soft goods look… Continue reading Mezco One:12 Fantastic Four One:12 Collective Box Set

Mezco One:12 Gotham By Gaslight Batman Revealed

If you recall a few months ago Mezco teased that they would be doing a Gotham By Gaslight Batman One:12 by uploading a few teaser images on social media and now they have revealed the complete figure and all his accessories and he looks fantastic! I’ve been looking forward to knowing more about this figure… Continue reading Mezco One:12 Gotham By Gaslight Batman Revealed

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