Mezco One:12 Damian Wayne Robin

Earlier this year Mezco revealed that they would be doing a Damian Wayne Robin. Now they have fully revealed the figure, uploaded a gallery, and put the figure up for pre-order. The figure does look excellent and I am really impressed with all the details and accessories. This is the first One:12 figure of one… Continue reading Mezco One:12 Damian Wayne Robin

Mezco One:12 The Batman Pre-Order

On Wednesday Mezco has put the One:12 Batman up for pre-order. He’s not exclusive to Mezco which is great. I personally think the figure looks fantastic and the likeness to Robert Pattison is very good for this scale. The suit looks great, I love all the little details on it. It looks just as good… Continue reading Mezco One:12 The Batman Pre-Order

Mezco One:12 G.I. Joe Snake Eyes

During Toy Fair Mezco revealed two more G.I. Joe figures which were Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. Mezco has now put Snake Eyes up for pre-order and showed off the gallery for him and he looks fantastic! This look is definitely inspired by the classic look for Snake Eyes and a combination of the Commando… Continue reading Mezco One:12 G.I. Joe Snake Eyes

Mezco ToyFair 2022 Reveals

Like many toy companies, Mezco had held an online event revealing some new products from their biggest toy lines. Here’s a breakdown of their reveals: Friday MDS Roto Plush Creepshow Creep 5 Point Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head & Nurse One:12 The Batman: Batman One:12 Snake Eyes Saturday Static 6 Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid… Continue reading Mezco ToyFair 2022 Reveals

Mezco Con 2021 Reveals

Over this past weekend, Mezco held their online Mezco Con event and had a number of reveals from their biggest lines including One:12, MDS, and 5 Points. It’s great to see the 5 points line expanding with more Gozilla figures and a big surprise was the 5 Points Mezco Monster Boxed Set which is a… Continue reading Mezco Con 2021 Reveals

Mezco One:12 Captain Nemo Reveal!

Just yesterday Mezco fully revealed their upcoming Captain Nemo One:12 figure. Over a decade ago Mezco released a Captain Nemo playset which was more of a stylized action figure with a fantastic playset and a lot of accessories. Now Mezco has given that character a One:12 makeover and I have to this figure looks incredible.… Continue reading Mezco One:12 Captain Nemo Reveal!

Mezco Con Summer 2021 Reveals

At the end of last week Mezco held their SDCC event which is called Mezco Con and during this event, they revealed a number of products which were mostly teasers for upcoming products. Here’s a list of their reveals: #0 – High Roller Exclusive Bundle#1 – Living Dead Dolls Halloween III Box Set#2 – One:12… Continue reading Mezco Con Summer 2021 Reveals

Mezco One:12 G.I. Joe Roadblock Revealed!

Earlier this week Mezco teased that they would be releasing a G.I. Joe Roadblock One:12 figure! A little while ago they revealed Destro and Roadblock is next in the line. On first impressions, I have to say this figure looks incredible and it’s a great classic-looking Roadblock. As you would expect from Mezco, Roadblock is… Continue reading Mezco One:12 G.I. Joe Roadblock Revealed!

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