Captain Action NYCC 2014 Exclusives

Captain Action is heading to New York Comic-Con in just under a month and they are claiming that it’s going to be the best one ever. They currently have a lot going on as they are working with a number of toy manufacturers to get new Captain Action products made like you’ve never seen before. But, they can’t quite spill all of the details about that now, but they can reveal all of the Captain Action NYCC 2014 Exclusives.

Overstreet Captain Action

This first exclusive is pretty wild. As you know, Captain Action is going to be one the cover of Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide next year to help celebrate their 45th anniversary. As part of the celebration, Overstreet asked Captain Action Enterprises to create a limited quantity of Captain Action figures using this Overstreet Cover Artwork. There is just going to be 150 units made, with will sell for $50 each.

Tonner Supergirl Uniform

Tonner has a super offering for the second DC heroine Lady Action outfit – Supergirl. The costume was specially designed for the 16-inch Lady Action Tonner Doll. It is limited to just 100 units and will retail for $99. Tonner Lady Action dolls are also going to be available for $199. Buy both and you can save $20 off the purchase.

Dr. Evil as Loki

The final Captain Action NYCC 2014 Exclusive is Dr. Evil as Loki. It was created for the more casual Captain Action fan, but it does display well, so it should be a great addition to anyone’s collection. Just like the name says, this one is a Dr. Evil figure disguised in the Loki costume. It’s packaged in a retro style coffin box that we shows Loki at his most mischief-est, plotting against he half-brother Thor. It will cost $50.

Die-hard Captain Action fans better bring their running shoes to NYCC, as they are also making a special limited edition variant with a cape! It’s limited to just 25 pieces and will cost $65.

By Nick Lenihan

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