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  1. Samuel

    What a terrific article Weston !. I loved collecting the Toybiz Lord of The Rings series they still hold up very well today and your right about the Superposable Boromir figure. I’ve been left disheartened by The Bridge Direct’s Hobbit 6 Inch line especially that we are never going to get the other Dwarves. I personally would love to see NECA get the Lord of The Rings and Hobbit License. They did stellar work with the 1/4 Lord of The Rings i would love to see them 7″ and fully posable. I would happily invest in them. I have done the same with Star Wars i used to collect the 3.75″ line and started the 6″ line getting some figures i already had in a bigger scale so i would happily do it for Lord of The Rings if they were better than the Toybiz ones which are hard to top.

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