12 Comments on A Call to Action (Figures): TV and the Future of Action Figures

  1. Steven Saldutti

    Great article! I do think TV action figures are going to be on the rise especially as more and more higher quality shows come out, and especially those that develop a cult following. I wish they had figures from the show prison break, more variety from breaking bad, and I hope they make some from the soon to start Ashe versus the evil dead! Those would be awesome!

    • RyanB4890


      I’ve seen a lot of the Breaking Bad ones, but I was never super interested. I love the show, but out of context Walt’s an old white guy in a goofy outfit. Did they ever make a Mike? I might buy that.

      I would love for Ashe versus the Evil Dead to be good and to get toys. It’s perfect for merchandising.

      • Steven Saldutti

        Easy now. Easy! Walt was a hero! (Kind of ). And Superman Kingdom Come is an old white guy in a funny suite too! And come to think of it : I am too! No, no mike has been made yet as far as I know.
        And I share your sentiment. I really really hope Ashe versus the evil dead is good. With good figures!

        • RyanB4890

          Walt is great, but I feel like he makes for an uninteresting action figure and their line is mostly him. And Superman Kingdom Come is still a Superman suit.

          Mike is the best. I feel like he’s got the same problem as Walt, being a nondescript white guy, but I love him in a way that I could never love Walt. He’s just so good at what he does. Every scene with him was gold.

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