10 Comments on A Call to Action (Figures): The Stigma Around Action Figures

  1. Floyd Fenris

    Great article. The stigma seems to have lessened a little but it’s a shame it still exists at all. Baby Boomers were TERRIBLE about this. Being a Gen-Xer born in late 1974 I had Baby Boomer parents. I remember the first toy I caught grief from my parents for buying. I was an avid G.I. Joe fan as a kid (and still am). The toy in question was the Iron Grenadiers Destro and his Despoiler vehicle. My immediate thoughts were HOLY CRAP! Destro has his own army aside from Cobra, a mini air ship and now a gold mask and a sword??? I gladly plunked down my allowance, to later being chastised for buying a toy “at my age”. That toy was released in 1988. I was only 13 years old. Seems so ridiculous today. Needless to say, I never gave up and my parents just came to except the fact that I was “weird and nerdy”.

  2. TheBlessedPickleofJubilee

    Haters gonna hate. Haters, if anything, are a testimonial to their own personal insecurity and jealousy of the happiness and bliss you have found in a harmless and noble hobby. Don’t let the haters drag you down. Be a champion and fight through the hate with an action figure armada of justice.

    • Spoon!

      Pretty much what I was going to chime in with. I’m 32 and I’ve collected all kinds of stuff for as long as I can remember. I credit collecting with helping me learn to take care of my possessions and keep them clean an organized.

      People who are worried about others and want to ruin the parade are usually those that have unresolved issues with themselves/life and are unhappy. Glass jaw, glass house and the like apply here.

      I wear nerd shirts and make jokes about my own hobbies all the time. Everyone has something they are into that others might not understand. Things that are different or not the “norm” sometimes cause people to react defensively.

      Also, The Beatles and One Direction Aren’t the best of comparisons, but I get it 😉

  3. harryknowlesnothingaboutfilm

    I find it strange how society can differentiate. If a child like football or baseball etc and carries on that passion into adulthood then that’s fine. Some adults get paid a fortune and are idolized for playing ‘ children’s’ games. It’s ok to wear a shirt with the name of your favorite team on it. But to do the same with a film or TV show is some how odd? It does seem that things have gotten a lot better with superhero films and the like being more popular than ever but at the end of the day the only damage people’s negative comments can do to you is what you allow them to do. I am glad I like what I like and don’t care what anyone says.

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