A Call to Action (Figures): Figures of Boston Part 2

Hasbro Marvel Universe War Machine 002

“People think I’m a sidekick, but I was Iron Man too. I’ve been the CEO of Stark Enterprises. Did Robin do that? Can he? I don’t think so.”

“Sure he was old, he was sick, but you never really expect them to go. He was my father, you know? I wanted to kill him. It’s a cruel world that takes that away from a son.”

Han: “Her dad never liked me.”
Leia: “My dad never liked anyone. Han takes it too personally.”
Han: “I did help close down his place of work.”
Leia: “You blew it up. Twice.”

“I got my I got my f$%&ing ass beat by a f$%&ing w^%*& b&%&$ . She bit my f$%&ing ear off. F$%& off.”

“I broke the superhero color line and the gender barrier in 1970. Sure Black Panther was first, but it’s harder for a woman. Where’s my statue? My movie? My parade?”

Son of Cthulhu: “We’re both the sons of famous father’s. We don’t have a support group, per se, but we get together to talk. Maybe knock back a few brews once in a while.”
Son of Frankenstein: “It’s not easy growing up the son of a horror icon.”

“With the money I have, I could bring factories to the city and provide jobs that would take away the motivation to commit crime, but I prefer punching mental patients.”

“Without Janet Van Dyne there would literally be no Avengers. Maybe that group of guys would’ve gotten together and fought evil, but that was me coming up with the name and fighting with them, but I don’t get to be in the movies for more than ten seconds. How’s that for a raw deal?”

Mothra: “Godzilla gets all of the credit, but I was a hit too. I had my own trilogy. We were supposed to be partners.”
Gigan: “No one even knows who we are but he’s the one that’s always complaining.”
Titanosaurus: “You can say that again.”

“I’m the Wolverine now, but no one’s stepping up to be the next X-23. I’ll fill Logan’s boots, but I don’t think there’s anyone that could fill mine.”

“He threw me in a vat of chemicals and I’m the bad guy.”

“You serve your country your whole life, but eventually they turn on you. You’re out on the street, out of a job, out of glory. What can you do though? I’m taking up knitting.”

“I’ve always been a tour guide. I just gave up the hell part.”

“I had two kids *ko kh*, twins *ko kh*, but I just wasn’t ready to be a father *ko kh*. I’m trying to be a bigger part of their lives now *ko kh*.”

“These pictures aren’t worth a cent. Where’s the Spiderman?.”

He liked the idea of my project so much that he’s having me for dinner! It’s going to be great.

A Call to Action (Figures) is a monthly column published in the middle of the month, chronicling my rants and raves about all things action figure. Next month I’ll be talking about the balance between points of articulation and sculpt.

By Bryan Stewart

Bryan first discovered an appreciation for action figures at an early age, setting up elaborate GI Joe ant hill attacks, complete with firework pyrotechnics. Due to the high injury rate for the Joes, replacements were a constant necessity.


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