7 Comments on Call to Action (Figures) – How Do You Figure?

  1. I wanted to get into the 3″ Marvel Universe toys but the combo punch of being discontinued and the really bad quality control (why are all the normal guys legs falling off?) killed it for me. I collected maybe a dozen or so in the end. I will say the giant size Sentinel from the Universe line is really incredible.

    • RyanB4890

      Yeah. The legs thing is a real bummer. It’s like one in ten, but it’s not a thing that should ever happen.

      The giant size Sentinel looks amazing.

  2. Strongest Mustache

    I collect both. Primarily i keep my universe/infinity figure MOC… legends i usually open for the baf parts, but lately the legends have been feeling pretty fragile too. No breaks yet…

    -strongest mustache

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