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Build A Figure Explained

Build a figure was introduced by Toy Biz in 2005. It is commonly referred in the collectors community as “BAF”. Toy Biz introduced this to the Marvel Legends line that started with series 9.
build a figure

How Build A Figure Works

Every figure in the series was packaged with a piece of a lager figure (ie. head, arm, leg,etc). You have to get all the figure in the collection in order to make the bigger Build A Figure. The build a figure is unavailable in individual packaging. You must by all the figure in the series if you want the build a figure.

Build A figure

As Toy Biz was creating more lines of build a figure they made the pieces smaller, requiring you to buy 10 figures including the variant figures in the series. They eventually they returned to the 6 piece formula and Hasbro also made build a figure series.

My Opinion

In my opinion I absolutely love the build a figure action figures. It makes it way more fun that you have to build the figure in the end. It may be costly if you didn’t plan on buying the whole series but it is completely worth it in most cases. I would recommend the BAF line to just about anyone.

Currently released are the Marvel Legends build a figure. The images on this post are Terrax and Arnim Zola. Terrax is in the Marvel Legends wave 1 while Arnim Zola is in wave 2. Both figures are great and you should defiantly buy them.

Other Options

If you just want the build a figure figure from the series you can get the pieces on eBay. It may take you awhile till you get the complete figure at a reasonable price, but it will be worth every second of it.

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