Blitzway Fight Club Tyler Durden Action Figures on the Way

Blitzway Fight Club Tyler Durden action figures

In a few more months, Blitzway releases its Fight Club themed Tyler Durden action figures, the iconic character portrayed in the movie by Brad Pitt. Two versions are being made, one called “Red Jacket Version” and the other “Fur Coat Version”. The two version don’t only differ in clothes used as the titles might indicate. They are actually completely different figures, both depicting scenes shown in the cult movie.

Details on the Blitzway Fight Club Tyler Durden Action Figures

Both figures are being made in 1/6 scale, meaning their height is around 12 inches (~30 cm), and both feature over 30 articulation points. Clothes seen are all made out of real fabric and synthetic leather, while the sculpt features authentic likeness to Brad Pitt.

The Red Jacket version features two pairs of interchangeable hands, one relaxed and one pair of fists, a gun-holding right hand, a cigarette-holding right hand, a beer bottle left hand, and a left hand for holding a bat and a golf club.

The Fur coat comes with a pair of Opened Hands, one Left Relaxed Hand, one Right Hand for holding Cigarette, one Right Hand for holding a Lighter, and one Left Finger pointing Hand. Of course, a plethora of accessories are also included such as sunglasses, pistols, baseball bats, cigarettes, ashtrays, soap bars, business cards, lighters, air plane safety leaflets, and the list goes on and on. Honestly, these two figures are the definitive collector’s items for any fan of the Fight Club. Heck, they’re so great you should buy them even if you don’t like Fight Club, that’s how good they are.

Pre-Order Blitzway’s Tyler Durden Action Figures

Both of the figures are currently set to be released sometime in July-August 2016, but can still be pre-ordered on Entertainment Earth, with the price for individual figures (Red Jacket Version and Fur Coat Version) being $249.99, or a deluxe set of both figures that costs $497.99. The deluxe set also includes a Specially tailored Cup-print Bathrobe with Hanger, as a little extra.

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