Beast Wars Dawn of Future Past Tarantulas revealed

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Transformers for a very long time, stemming from my childhood.  Like most 80s kids, I feverishly collected those little transforming vehicles alongside my G.I. Joe figures, but while I loved the animated Transformers film in the 80s, the fact that it killed off nearly every Autobot and Decepticon that I had grown attached to (and which I’d owned in toy form) left a sour taste in my mouth, and I stopped buying Transformers at that point.  I remained uninterested in future iterations of Hasbro’s second flagship brand until the late 90s when I worked for a toy retailer and discovered Beast Wars.  It wasn’t the toys that drew me in, though, it was the fantastic animated series, which managed to craft an excellent story that managed to evolve the Transformers concept, yet still pay close homage to the old school.

Needless to say I was quite excited to see that Tarantulas was included with the Transformers Collectors Club third Figure Subscription Service.

As most folks are aware, along with the Figure Subscription Service, the Transformers Collectors Club also does annual Botcon Exclusive sets.  In 2006, the Collectors Club took advantage of Beast Wars’ popularity with collectors and launched their Dawn of Future Past convention set, which took the Beast Wars characters and explored their history on Cybertron before they traveled to Earth and were forced to take alternate beast modes.  They were able to bridge the gap nicely by using Beast Wars aesthetics, but give them vehicle alt modes.  They also produced a great prequel comic books.

Now, thanks to the Figure Subscription Service, you can add Tarantulas to the Beast Wars “Dawn of Future Past” roster, and from the looks of it they did a great job.

You can subscribe to the third annual Figure Subscription Service at!

By Nick Lenihan

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