Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Gameplay Q & A

Battlefield 3 has become a popular game for many people. Some players have even traded in COD for BF3. It was released in October last year and has since released an expansion “Close Quarters”. Close quarters gave you a small feeling of COD but in my opinion it was much better. Coming this September is going to be the release of the next expansion called “Armored Kill”. Battlefield 3 Armored kill is going to feature much larger maps focusing on vehicle warfare.

Here is a great video of Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Gameplay with Q & A:

Main Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Features:

  • Vehicle warfare on 4 new maps
  • The biggest map in Battlefield history
  • New vehicles
  • Bring back 5 new vehicle unlocks to the base game
  • More than 20 unlocks for new vehicles
  • New game mode: Tank Superiority
  • Play all maps with all 6 game modes

If you are a premium member then you can expect this expansion pack on Sept. 4 for PS3 and Sept. 11 for Xbox 360 and PC. If you are not a premium member you can get this expansion for PS3 on Sept. 18 and for Xbox 360 and PC on Sept. 25.

If you are a big Battlefield fan then you should really consider the premium membership if you don’t have it already.


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