Batman Cowl Replicas: The Clooney Panther Cowl

The Pather Cowl has been Added to Hollywood Collectables Batman Cowl Replicas

Hollywood Collectables has recently announced the fourth release in their series for Batman Cowl Replicas. This newest release is of the cowl worn in Batman and Robin. I am of course talking about the Panther Cowl worn by George Clooney. The series of Cowls are all approximately 20 inches tall. They all feature a display stand and though it may seem obvious, they’re not meant to be worn. So please, do not try.

The first release in the Batman Cowl Replicas Series was another worn by George Clooney, The Sonar Cowl. This replica is from Batman & Robin when George Cloony faced off against Mr. Freeze, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Poison Ivy, Played by Uma Thurman, and Bane, played byJeep Swenson. This cowl was the only replica in the series that lacked a chest plate but instead features a nameplate. It is also the only replica to be sold for $499. There were 750 pieces made worldwide and only 100 of those were secured for the US market. Unfortunately, these bad boys are all sold out so if you want one you will have to keep a sharp eye on your favorite online stores and forums.

The second release in the Batman Cowl Replicas Series is of the original Batman movie in 1989. This cowl was, of course, worn by Micheal Keaton while facing the Joker, played by Jack Nicholson. This piece was sculpted by Emmy award winner, Hiroshi Katagiri and was sold at $599. There were only 500 pieces made and 100 of those were reserved for the US market and it is sold out.

The third release in the Batman Cowl Replicas Series is the cowl from Batman Forever. It was worn by Val Kilmer while facing off against both Two Face, Played by Tommy Lee Jones, and The Riddler, Played by Jim Carry. This lifesize replica is produced from a 3D scan of an original screen worn cowl. This replica is available for pre-order at $599 and has a payment plan available for $74 a month. 100 of the 500 replicas made are being set aside for the US market so act fast.

The fourth release in the Batman Cowl Replicas Series is, of course, the aforementioned panther cowl from Batman and Robin worn by George Clooney. The Cowl and chest logo are both cast from the original molds and it comes complete with a display stand and individually numbered plaque. There are only 300 of this replica in the world and once again only 100 of them will be available to the US market. It is available for Pre-order for $599 and has a payment plan available for $74 a month.

I think we have all wanted a Batman cowl for our “Batcave” at one point in our life. And while not everybody has $600 set aside for Batman cowl replicas, Hollywood Collectables payment plan really helps to sell it to your girlfriend, wife, or yourself. I do feel like I should leave you with a word to the wise. With half of this series sold out, I would act fast and pre-order them now. Otherwise, your next chance might be on Ebay were you risk overpaying or getting a damaged replica.


By Bryan Stewart

Bryan first discovered an appreciation for action figures at an early age, setting up elaborate GI Joe ant hill attacks, complete with firework pyrotechnics. Due to the high injury rate for the Joes, replacements were a constant necessity.

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