Bandai Releases New Images and Info for their Plastic Star Wars Model Kits

Bandai first revealed that they would be making Plastic Star Wars Model kits at the Tokyo Toy Show over the summer and I have to say these blow what Hasbro have been doing with the license out of the water.  As some may know these were also shown off at the Japan Hobby and Model Show, which is still going on now. And good news there’s more to come!

They are doing a line of figures and mini vehicles, which look equally impressive. The figures are in the 1:12 scale (6 Inches) and the models are 1:72 scale (Depends on the size of the vehicle how big in inches it will be).


One of the first figures that Bandai will be doing in their Star Wars Model Kits Line is the classic Stormtrooper. Everyone loves these and I have to say they have done a fantastic job. The figure looks exactly like the Stormtrooper’s from the films and in my opinion this looks even better than Hasbro’s, as it looks more realistic with the armor looking like separate pieces. Not only that he comes with more accessories.

The detail and paint job looks excellent they caught the look very well

What really surprised me though was the articulation. I had no idea that these would be fully articulated. It’s hard to tell at this current time what articulation they’ll have but it looks akin to that of the Hasbro Black Series figures.

He comes with open hands to support holding his large rifle and standard rifle, trigger hands and gray variants. I don’t remember some Stormtrooper’s having gray gloves but I have to say they look great. You can also use the hands in order poses.

He also comes withe the standard issue blaster rifle, a larger heavy rifle, and a small blaster pistol. He also has a removable working holster for the blaster rifle, which is a great touch.

Darth Vader

Bandai is also releasing Darth Vader and by looking at his accessories I am guessing it’s based on Darth Vader’s appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. It goes without saying this figure looks absolutely fantastic. They captured the detail very well of everyone’s favorite Star Wars villain and everything is there; it looks incredible. I am floored by how good this version of Darth Vader looks.

Like the Stormtrooper, he’s articulated too and he has a somewhat posable cape and looks a far departure from the Revoltech Darth Vader figure. I am so stoked that you can get him in the classic “Join Me” pose. Like the Stormtrooper, we don’t know what exact articulation he’ll have.

Even better than that he comes with some awesome accessories, a removable helmet from the meditation chamber scene, a lit and an unlit lightsaber with a clear place to hold the unlit lightsaber on his belt, and finally, some interchangeable hands (two open hands for relaxed poses and three fisted hands).

Both Vader and the Stormtrooper will come with a display base.

Undoubtedly the Hasbro Black Series Return of The Jedi Darth Vader will be hard to get hold of so this version of Darth Vader is a brilliant (if not better) stand in. I think this will be a great version to be posed against the Hasbro Bespin Fatigues Luke Skywalker.

Advanced TIE Fighter

Ah Darth Vader’s personal TIE fighter that was seen in A New Hope. This vehicle looks absolutely awesome and I can’t fault it in any way. It looks even better than I remember. Every little detail is captured perfectly. It’s a perfect representation of the Advanced TIE Fighter.

As this is Darth Vader’s personal ship it comes with two figures of Darth Vader. One standing to be displayed next to the ship and one in a sitting pose for sitting in the cockpit. The mini figures look fantastic for such a small size. It also comes with interchangeable display window, a removable bottom panel so you can see the workings of the TIE, and  interchangeable cockpit windows, one smoky and one clean. It also comes with two green blast effects  for dogfighting poses.


Of the two vehicles I am most impressed with this one, as I do love the X-Wing. This vehicle looks absolutely incredible there’s no doubt about it. Every detail on a standard X-Wing is there it’s flawless. Like the TIE, it comes with two pilots the standing and seating pilot whom I’m guessing is meant to be Luke due to including R2 and the proton torpedo Death Star Exhaust Port display piece. Like I said before, he comes with R2-D2 & R5-D4, which are slightly posable. And can be placed aboard the X-Wing one at a time, which gives you variation in display . It also comes with a smoky and clean canopy like the TIE Fighter and includes a landing gear, which is a great touch and adds to the variety of posing the ship.

The Proton Torpedo Exhaust Port looks incredible and I can see that it comes with a posable arm so you can display how far or near you want the torpedos from the port. The tip of the X-Wing can come off though I am not sure what for but it’s a great feature. Speaking of great features, it seems to have the S-foils with the wings in different positions. I am not sure if they are posable or interchangeable but it’s very cool that they included it. It also features an interchangeable back engine plate between the clean and battle damaged version, which is a great feature.

Both the TIE & X-Wing come with a Death Star display base with a poseable arm to get them in different poses when in flight or dogfighting which makes them look great together on display if you’re a fan of the movies and the X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and Rouge Leader games (which I am).

I have to say I am really impressed with the figure and vehicle model kits and I really do want them and I guess many Star Wars fans will too. They are very cheap for the incredible amount of detail and accessories. The figures and vehicles cost approximately $23.00 each which is amazing. These cost around the same price as what Hasbro are offering and you get more with them. So they are real value for money. I’ll definitely be getting these both the figures and the vehicles.

They are not available to pre-order on BBTS yet, though I guess they will be soon.They’ll be out in November and honestly I cannot wait to what else is in the pipeline.

By Nick Lenihan

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