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Bandai Namco Tekken Figures.

Growing up I had a Playstation and I remember playing Tekken 2 & 3 very fondly (especially 3) Since then I have played most entries in the franchise and they are still highly entertaining and fun to play. When it was recently announced that Bandai Namco would be doing Tekken figures I was absolutely over the moon, because to my knowledge, we’ve never really had an affordable Tekken line before that wasn’t done by an import company.

I have to say I do love the current trend of fighting games getting affordable toylines, we have been starved for years and now Jada is doing Street Fighter (I really need to start getting those) and Bandai Namco is doing Tekken, I hope MacFarlane Toys have not given up on Mortal Kombat. What’s also sweet is that the Street Fighter & Tekken figures are on the same scale so you display a crossover on your shelf!

These Tekken figures are under the Game Dimensions branding which means Bandai Namco could be releasing their game-related figure lines under this branding. The two figures they revealed are Kazuya Mishima & Heihachi Mishima from Tekken 7 and will make up wave 1. Both figures look absolutely fantastic and very game accurate for a retail based toyline. The detailing and sculpting work on the characters and their outfits looks excellent and I love that they come with interchangeable hands and effects pieces akin to the Street Fighter figures.

I’ll be very keen to see the line grow with more Tekken figures and hopefully Soul Calibur figures down the line as well. I’ll definitely be planning to get these in the near future.

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