Assassin’s Creed Mega Bloks Coming in October

In case you missed it, October marks the launch of Mega Blok’s third AAA gaming line, Assassin’s Creed.

I held MEGA Brands at bay for a while. Their Halo product has been great, but not something I had the room for. The Call of Duty items were rather innovative, but not my license of choice, though I love the customizable figures.

Now, now Mega Bloks have got me. Their Assassin’s Creed line captures the atmosphere of the games absolutely perfectly.

The sets will come with minifigures much to the standard of their other licenses. These stylized figures will feature swappable hair, hoods, and gear amongst a host of age-appropriate weaponry.

Today the final set of the fall assortment has been revealed on their Facebook, “The Gunboat Takedown”, which portrays a boarding party led by Captain Edward Kenway upon a Spanish vessel.

You’ll be able to get these figures and sets come October, just before the newly altered release dates of AC: Unity and AC: Rogue on November 11, 2014.

Looks like Fall is preparing to be dominated by a sharp blade and inconspicuous hood, because between two games, Mega Bloks sets, and two waves McFarlane’s figures, our wallets are in for an Assassination!

Check out the pictures and official descriptions below!

Da Vinci’s Flying Machine. “Ezio pilots an assault past enemy lines with a buildable Flying Machine with real canvas wings”
Cannon Strike. “Arno Dorian decimates enemy troops with a powerful cannon that really launches.”
Borgia Guard Pack. “Fight your way through an armed patrol of Borgia guards to access the buildable fast travel station.”
Pirate Crew Pack. “An Assassin goes four-on-one against a battalion of heavily-armed pirates in a buildable cove. To the victor goes the spoils!”
Fortress Attack. “Ezio attacks a buildable Borgia Fortress with climbing poles, a Leap of Faith and a working cable lift.”
Additional Minifigure Detail!
Gunboat Takeover. “Edward Kenway boards a buildable pirate warship with real cables and canvas sails. Choose your allegiance by raising either the pirate or Spanish flag.”

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By Nick Lenihan

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