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AFA Grading – Action Figure Authority

Today we are going to be discussing AFA grading. AFA stands for Action Figure Authority. AFA is a company that will ‘Grade’ your action figures and once they are graded you will see a significant increase in resale value. Say you have 2 of the same action figures in the exact same condition. One of the action figures is graded by AFA and the other one is not graded at all. The graded action figure could sell for hundreds of dollars more than the ungraded one.

Here you see an AFA Graded G.I. Joe. Here you can see the grade on the sticker that the figure received.

AFA Grading – Why are figures worth more?

So you may ask why are action figures worth so much more if they are AFA graded? AFA grading gives the collector a sense of comfort and confidence when they are buying figures on eBay or other sites.

Every person’s opinion on the condition of a card is going to be different. When your figure is graded by AFA and gets a 90, it is going to be an AFA 90. When you are buying an AFA 90 you will know exactly what to expect because it was graded by professionals.

AFA Grading – Benefits

There are a few different benifits that you can get when you have your action figures graded by AFA.

  1. AFA graded figures are put into a clear acrylic case that a lot of collector’s like the look of.
  2. Your figures will be protected in the acrylic cases.
  3. AFA grading makes your action figures worth more.

You are obviously going to have to pay for the services of AFA. You can check out the price table here. If you become a member of AFA you will be able to have the benefit of discounted AFA grading.

AFA Grading – What type of figures do they grade?

You can send AFA your US or Canadian action figures. They can either be packaged, loose, or prototypes.

AFA Grading Scales

AFA has a few different grading scales depending when your action figures were produced.

The modern grading scale is for action figures that were produced from 1995 to the present.

AFA Grading Modern

Then we have the standard, qualified, and loose AFA grading scales
AFA Grading Standard

For more information about AFA grading I highly recommend that you go to the AFA website. There you can check out the FAQ, the scale descriptions, and look into the price table.

AFA grading is defiantly something that you should consider as a collector. Don’t forget to become a member before you start having your collection graded.

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