3A Reveals Transformers Movie Megatron Premium Scale Figure – Exclusive Ver. Available Now

Following the announcement of their Transformers Movie Bumblebee figure, 3A have announced their 2nd figure in the line – a Megatron Premium Scale Figure. Before going on I should say that this particular version of Megatron is based on how he appeared in Transformers: Rise of The Fallen.

ThreeA excel in the detail that they put on to their figures and Megatron is no different; he is extremely well detailed and looks exactly how he looked in the film. Their signature style suits the Transformers perfectly. I really love how they’ve given him a rusty weathered metallic look. The chains round his chest are also actual chains, which is a great touch by 3A.

He features over 70 points of articulation, including articulated fingers, so he’ll be able to get in any manner of poses. Megatron also features an LED light up feature in his features which makes the figure even more realistic. Accessory wise he comes with a Brute Shotgun which he can hold.

There’s also an exclusive Bambaland version, which is exclusively available on their website. If you get this exclusive version then you can look forward to the Matrix of Leadership and a tattered cloth cloak, which can go over his head to recreate some of the scenes from the film.

He’ll be released in the Fall of this year and will cost $430.00. If you’re a Transformers fan, this figure is an absolute must have if you have the funds for it. You can pre-order him here.

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By Nick Lenihan

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