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What Makes An Action Figure Valuable ?

If you are new to action figure collection then you probably have the question what makes an action figure valuable ? For an action figure to be valuable then it has to be both popular and rare. There are several other things that you also need to consider if you are trying to place a value on action figure or even toys for that matter.

Item Condition

If you have an action figure that is cracked and faded you can probably assume that it is not going to be worth much. That is correct. You want to keep you action figures protected from the sun and other damaging elements in the world. Once you action figure becomes damaged then the price someone is willing to pay is going to be substantially less.

Original Packaging

If you toys are still in the original package then they are going to be worth way more than a toy outside of the package. You also want to check the condition of the package. If there is absolutely nothing wrong with it then that also makes the toy worth more. You will also want to look at the action figure through the window or blister to see if there is any cosmetic damage that occurred when they were painted.

what makes an action figure valuable ?

Graded Action Figures

If you read my article about AFA then you will know that graded action figures can fetch quite a bit more money when they are sold. When you have your figures graded then they will be protected in the acrylic box that they put them in. AFA graded figures are trusted by other collectors because they are professionally examined.

Age of Item

When placing a value on your action figures you will need to know how old it is. If you have an action figure that is old and was hard to find then the value goes up. Condition is also a factor with older items when determining what makes an action figure valuable.


As I said before the rarity of the action figures affects the value. Limited edition toys or toys that were cut off from production are sought after by collectors. Everyone wants to own the rare toys. They are just so much more cool.

Loose Action Figures

If you are trying to value an action figure that is loose(out of the package) then you will need to be sure that all the accessories are there. The more complete the action figure is then there more value it brings. Some people still may consider buying vintage action figures even if they aren’t complete.

what makes an action figure valuable ?

What are your opinions on what makes an action figure valuable ?

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